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Who We Are & What We Do
Norm Mitroff standing in front of trees

Norman S. Mitroff, Ph.D.
Managing Partner

Norman S. Mitroff, Ph.D. is the Founder and Managing Partner of Mitroff Consulting & Associates who places CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, and upper management professionals in positions that maximize their specific skillsets. 


Prior to entering executive search, Norman was a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist. This expertise, the ability to understand the cultural fit of the company and the candidate, assures clients they will obtain the most qualified candidate for their company’s goals and future success.


Additionally, Norman is a Director for the Alliance of Chief Executives, which is an invitation-only consortium bringing together hundreds of public and private companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each month the Alliance of CEO’s provides firsthand access to world business leaders, and ultra-private peer groups where leaders of companies can get support and advice unavailable elsewhere. This gives Norman the opportunity to help maximize the quality of life for the leaders and their employees and develop better business climates.


Norman received his B.A. degree in psychology and a M.S. degree in vocational rehabilitation counseling from San Francisco State University. He earned his doctorate degree from the University of Portland in Clinical Psychology. Norman also attended the Cordon Bleu, Paris campus, is studying the violin and is an active member of Rotary.

Scott Feinstein standing in front of trees

Scott A. Feinstein
Vice President

Scott A. Feinstein is Vice President at Mitroff Consulting & Associates. Scott works with executive leaders, C-level professionals, human resources, and board members to make placements that put both the client and a candidate in a position to flourish.


Scott has spent 20+ years in sales and account management, much of it managing sales teams and account management teams. His work includes overseeing teams in the wine industry, logistics, technology, and ag-tech. Known for being relatable and focused, Scott has been instrumental in the continued trajectory of high-growth companies.


Scott believes in the importance of understanding his client’s culture, combining his natural curiosity and a drive to help his clients achieve its business goals. He offers a sense of security  and the mutual trust to enable candid conversations.


Scott received his B.A. degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Scott resides in Sonoma Valley with his wife, daughter, and dog. He enjoys sports, music, being outdoors and local food & wine. Scott is an active member of Rotary and the Bay Area Badgers Alumni Association.

What We Do

The absence of a narrow industry focus allows us to have a broad network of prospective candidates. Our clients reap the benefits of our “boutique firm” status because we minimize blockage issues which tend to challenge single industry retained search firms. Since our work spans over many industries, fewer companies are off limits to us.


Our clients receive better service resulting from these practices and ethics. Mitroff Consulting & Associates believes it is unethical to recruit from prior clients. Our valued clients are off limits for any current or future executive searches unless the client and the candidate openly express the desire to make a change. Rest assured your company, nor any of its subsidiaries or divisions, will be approached by Mitroff Consulting & Associates attempting to pull from your ranks. 


Our clients, both established and emerging companies, share our passion for excellence in the staffing of mid-level through executive officer needs. Our clients deserve the highest levels of communications and follow-up, which we provide via our accessibility, visibility, and timely interaction with all members of the executive search process.


Your management team, in conjunction with our collegial style, improve the efficiency and effectiveness in gaining the attention of industry-leading candidates. Traditional recruiting efforts typically are unable to approach or recruit these industry leading candidates because of potential off-limit conflicts.

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