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Posting, Waiting and Hoping is not our Approach.

We Go out and Recruit. We Source the Best. We Make it Happen.

Our Process:


We focus in on a process specific to the search before we go to market to proactively find appropriate A+ professionals.

A. We Learn About our Client and Why this Position is Important and Compelling
1) We undertake searches on a retained basis. We act as the sole vehicle to perform a client’s search in order to maintain confidentially, continuity and an efficient search process. Our fees are straight forward and our clients understand we present a potential candidate only when there is a strong fit rather than just to complete the search. We want the search to come to a successful completion for all parties, the client, and the candidate, and obtaining our fee is not the motivation.

2) We obtain an appreciation of our client’s culture and team atmosphere; we gain an understanding of our client’s business, industry, and S.W.O.T.

3) For those who the candidate will report to and/or be in close communication with, we administer our proprietary personality profiling assessment to determine their match to the “ideal candidate’s” profile.

B. We Create a Draft of a Position Description
1) Along with client insights, direction and feedback, we draw upon our experience and understanding of the position to draft a dynamic position description. Our client enhances the value with its review, to edit and approve a final draft that is ready to be confidentially shared with appropriate professionals.
2) Detail metrics expected of the placed candidate in their first 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months.
3) Create the story on the culture and why this is an appealing career opportunity.

C. We Develop a Pool of Sources to Target
1) Using our database of 20,000 nationwide professionals, we also incorporate referrals, targeted companies, industry knowledge, trade associations and past searches to build a pool of sources.
2) For professionals we contact about a search we have been retained to conduct, they know we are an executive search firm reaching out about an important position as opposed to them seeing an online job posting. Not only do potential candidates understand the significance and confidentiality of the search, but it lets them know that our client is making a substantial investment to find the right professional and to maximize the probability of a long term fit.
3) We target and proactively reach out to top professionals who may not be looking, but may have interest and/or other A+ professionals they can recommend.

We use behavioral based interview querying and assessments to identify the final candidates.

A. Reach Out to Sources Proactively
1) We swim in the right pool of professionals. No one is a “candidate”; everyone is a “source” until proven otherwise.
2) Convey the excitement as a career opportunity; not another job.
3) Our candidates understand we only undertake searches on a retained basis and thus maintain total confidentiality. If the opportunity is not a match for them, they often confidentially recommend other A+ colleagues.


B. Interviewing
1) We meet in person with the sources numerous times. We use behavioral interviewing techniques based on Norm’s experiences in clinical psychology.
2) We look at energy level, personality style, problem solving style, expressive and receptive communication skills.
3) We match candidates to the required skills, as well as environmental and personality requirements for the position. Personality assessments are used and those that have a disconnect with our client’s culture are not presented.

C. Create a Slate of Final Candidates
1) After multiple interviews with the individuals that have the skills, experience, and cultural fit required, we create a final slate and only present the selected finalists.
2) We create executive summaries for each candidate presented highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, cultural fit, and salary expectations.

We remain in close contact to maximize the probability of long term success.

A. Meeting the Finalists
1) We facilitate the scheduling of interviews and meetings with the finalists.
2) We tee up our client with questions to probe into areas we identified as strengths and weaknesses.
3) We put obstacles in front of candidates requiring them to prove their level of interest in the position.

B. Offer Letter and Background Checks
1) We perform background checks and reference checking.
2) We create an offer letter for our client’s review and approval.
3) We facilitate presentation of the offer.

C. Continuing Communication
1) Once a client, always a client. We will not recruit a placed candidate from our client to fill another search; nor, do we recruit from any client’s organizations.
2) We follow up with the placed candidate and our client on their first day, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months, and 12 months. We maintain contact to serve as ombudsmen to assist with the onboarding and first year of performance.

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