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Executive Search, Recruitment Services & Transition Coaching

Mitroff Consulting & Associates is a highly recognized, retained executive search and recruiting firm with a proven ability to identify and deliver superior leaders across a variety of industries. 

Large enough to do the job. 

Small enough to care.

Whether large or small, public or private, global or local, every company deserves and requires an effective leadership team.

Identifying the right leader for the right position at the right time is a complex challenge best met with the assistance of a search firm that has a proven track record of success.


Founded in 1997 and privately owned, Mitroff Consulting & Associates is one of the nation's leading boutique executive search consulting firms. We have unrivaled access to leading candidates from middle-management to the most senior executives across the country.


Our clients span a wide range of industries: wine industry, agriculture, food and beverage, CPG, financial, legal and technology from the world's largest companies to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. Mitroff Consulting & Associates' services range from corporate governance and CEO, CFO, COO, CHRO, VP, Director and Manager recruitment to executive search and middle-management recruitment. Additionally, executive coaching and transition coaching services are provided.


Mitroff Consulting & Associates is committed to earning our clients’ trust every day, on every assignment. Our clients have consistently benefited from our unmatched expertise in executive search, personality assessment and our unique, collaborative search process. Clients benefit from a refined, proven executive search process led by experienced consultants with specialized knowledge and expertise. We are experts in leveraging talent to the betterment of an organization.

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Leaders of companies that go from good to great start not with ‘where’ but with ‘who.’ They start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.”
– Jim Collins, best-selling author

Our Services

Executive Search & Recruitment

A proven track record with our scientific, committed focus to deliver high level recruitment. We present a slate of A+ professionals for you to choose the candidate that is your best match for your organization. 

Candidate Services

We bring prospective candidates updated information about employment opportunities and assist our candidates with one of life’s major events: career change.

Résumé Submission

We recommend you keep a current résumé updated semi-annually so you can apply for promotions or new positions at a moment’s notice and not miss any potential opportunity.

Transition Coaching

We customize our advice to each coaching client’s unique situation. We do not do our client’s work for them. We help our clients help themselves. 

Sample of Client Engagements


“I worked with Norm and Scott on a few placements, and they are different than any recruiter I have worked with. They do all the work so what I was left with was only the top few candidates that fit my job description. I didn’t have to spend time going through countless candidates to find the one that fits, they did all of that! I love their process and they were professional, organized and communicate well every step of the way.”

Lori Reich, President & Founder of Reich & Associates, Inc.

“This was the smoothest and easiest interview and job offer I’ve ever had.”

Judd Wallenbrock, CEO of Somerston Wine Co

“I have worked with Norm and his team for close to 20 years, with Mitroff Consulting & Associates sourcing us close to 10 quality hires during that time. One of the things I like about working with Mitroff Consulting & Associates is that they don’t waste our time with candidates who have little chance of being hired or a fit for our company. They do a great job of vetting their prospective candidates so that by the time we interview a candidate we know there is a good chance the person would be a good fit for us.”

Jeff Gutsch, Partner at Moss Adams (Wine, Beer & Spirits Industry National Practice Leader)

“Mitroff Consulting & Associates has always been a great resource to get a state of the industry.”

Joseph Filippini, General Manager of Fe Winery

“I have worked with Mitroff Consulting & Associates for 15+ years. Initially, I was a candidate recruited by Norm. His approach was professional and genuine. I have since retained Mitroff Consulting & Associates’ recruitment services to hire a number of employees. They have consistently provided candidates who have the skills and cultural fit to succeed in their key roles.”

Mark Archer, Partner with FLG Partners, Prior CFO of Saxco International

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